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Best Boilies? The Casual Carper Boilies Review

This week we take a closer look at the brand new boilie range by Casual Carper.

A relatively new bait range to hit the market, the Casual Carper baits are made by anglers for anglers which have been extensively tested on short and long carp fishing sessions.

In this review, we will be looking at the Casual Carper Spicy Krill boilies, White Chocolate & Orange boilies and both their matching pop up hookbaits.

Let’s get started…

Spiced Krill Boilies

These boilies have a strong spicy fish smell and after use they don’t seem to lose too much of the flavour after being out in the water for a few hours (and even over night).

The Spiced Krill boilies are an excellent balance of soft and hard. Soft enough to chop or crush up by hand but hard enough to use with a boilie stick and stay on the hair for a long period of time. The boilies are first-rate for catching carp but are also perfect as a catfish bait.

The Spiced Krill boilies work well in conjunction with most fish oils and other natural bait soaks. They are available in 12mm, 15mm and 18mm and come in a variety of different quantities depending on your needs. The come in handy resealable packaging, keeping the bait fresh smelling and doesn’t lose any attractants over time.

White Chocolate & Orange boilies

These boilies are a strong sweet fruity bait without having an artificial smell. The White Chocolate & Orange boilies are an ideal all year round bait.

Like the Spicy Krill boilies they are available in 12mm, 15mm and 18mm and come in a variety of different quantities depending on your needs. Like all the Casual Carper baits they come in handy resealable packaging, keeping in the flavours and attractants.

Pop ups

The Casual Carper matching pop ups are super buoyant as you would expect. The 12mm pops up I used work great in conjunction with a 15mm boilies to create a snowman presentation.

The matching pop ups come in 12mm, 15mm and also matching wafter hookbaits are available.

How I used the baits

I’ve used the Casual Carper boilie range for a few sessions now and I’ve had some great results. Mainly sticking to 2 combinations of hook baits; snowman rigs and boilie plastic corn rigs and caught on both.

For my lose feed I created a 50/50 mix of the spicy krill and white chocolate & orange 15mm boilies, soaking them in salmon oil and giving them a light dusting of a fishmeal groundbait to make them stand out. The pop ups were also presoaked in salmon oil for a few weeks.

The results

For the past few sessions I’ve had plenty of carp to 18lb and catfish to 22lb on the two hook bait combinations so I can confidently recommend you give these baits by Casual Carper a go on your next session.

Looking forward to trying out some of their other baits such as the Black Beetle Dumbbells and the Beta Stim Liquid in the future.

Where can you buy the bait?

To get your hands on the Casual Carper baits head on over to

Casual Carper occasionally post bulk and bundle deals so make sure you follow the Casual Carper Facebook page.

Update: Casual Carper have been in touch and now you can find the full range of Casual Carper baits on Amazon here.


We would like to thank Casual Carper for getting in contact and sending over some samples for this review.

Although the bait has been sent over to us, this is a 100% honest review as being honest is the reason we started this blog and we don’t agree with fake biased reviews.

If you have any comments or questions on any of the Casual Carper baits featured in this review then let us know in the comments section below.

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