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How to build a cheap DIY security light for carp fishing

security light for carp fishing

This week we will take a look at how you can build your own security light for less than £20. This guide is super simple and doesn’t take long to build your very own light for carp fishing.

Why build a security light you ask?

With the release of security lights designed with the angler in mind with a high price tag, how easy and cheap can you make your very own security light.

This DIY light is super convenient when you get runs in the middle of the night and great if you’re fishing a sketchy lake.

What do you need?

The security light comprises of a few cheap items that you can easily find online or in the shops.

The items and tools you will need for the light are the following:

light in action

Let’s get started

Firstly you will need to drill a hole at the bottom of the infrared light with a dremel or drill. Take care when drilling, wear a pair of safety glasses and be careful not to damage any internal wires.

glue for light

Simply place the angle lock adapter into the hole and secure with precision super glue and leave for a couple of hours. When glueing the adapter to the light make sure you use masking tape to tape up the screws and on/off switch.

And we’re done, attach it to your chosen bank stick and take it with you on your next session.

Taking it to the next level

To make your light more fitting with the surroundings why not spray paint it black or camo colours. Use sandpaper to lightly sand the infrared light and mask the screws, switch, led light and sensor before applying the spray paint.

spray paint the light

Helpful Links

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Stainless steel angle lock adapter
Long bank stick or storm pole
Precision super glue
A drill or dremel tool


Thanks for checking out our cheap and simple security light for carp fishing guide.

If you made one yourself or if you made any modifications to the light then let us know how you got on in the comments below.

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