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PVA Capsules: Genius or Gimmick?

PVA Capsules used conjunction with maggotsThis week we take a closer look at PVA Capsules by PVA Fishing Tackle.

These capsules have been designed to hold any small baits you can think of, you can even use non PVA particles such as sweetcorn, hemp, maggots and other naturals.

Due to the shape of the capsule, you can fill it with any type of liquid which can be an instant carp attractor.

Designed to be versatile so you can use them with most rigs and setups giving you a smart presentation on any lake bottom.

The PVA capsules are made up of 50% salt and other fish attractors. The ones I used were the infused chilli flavoured capsules adding to the already natural salty attraction.

Adding the free offerings and liquid attractants to the capsules is easy, just don’t squeeze them as they can end up splitting.

PVA capsule scooping up maggots

Setting them up has quite a learning curve especially if you intend to use them with maggots.

My first few casts caused the capsules to split and break apart in mid-air so make sure you lick the capsule shut before casting out.

One thing to point out is that the capsules can take up to 20 minutes to break down which depending on your situation can be a positive or negative.

PVA capsule maggot presentation

Due to the strength of the PVA you can easily cast out in the rain without the capsule breaking down mid-cast.

Due to the length of the break down in regular water temperatures, I’m not sure how they would react to winter water conditions.

The capsules can offer you a smart, tangle free, highly attractive presentation. It can be quite a learning curve to get it right but it’s well experimenting with them in your own carp fishing.

PVA capsule ready to be casted out

Where can I buy them?

You can buy the capsules in a trial pack which includes 10 capsules or a larger pack which includes 14 PVA capsules.


What’s your thoughts on the PVA capsules? Would you use them in your own carp fishing or do you think regular PVA mesh does just fine?

Thanks for reading our review of the PVA Capsules by PVA Fishing Tackle.

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