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How to Make Homemade Wafter Hookbaits the Easy Way

This week we will take a look at how to make homemade wafter hookbaits the easiest way possible.

Why make your own wafter hookbaits you ask? Well, you can make them with any flavour or scent you want.

Shape them in any way you want such as round, dumbell, square or misshaped. They don’t take long to make and catching a carp on your own baits is a great achievement in itself.

This guide will give you everything you need to create your own wafter hookbaits including the tools you will need, the ingredients and preparation instructions.

Let’s get started…

The bare minimum you will need is the following:

Let’s start with the wafter boilie mix, I used a 50/50 base mix by Mainline and added some Mainline Salty Chilli Fish Stickmix to give the wafter mix a little texture.

Grab a cup of the 50/50 base mix (90% of the cup) and for the last 10% add the stick mix and pour the mixture into a bowl. Now grab a cup of Polaris pop-up base mix and add it to the mixing bowl.

Now make sure the 50/50 basemix and the pop-up mix is well mixed together, take your time with this.

Put the dry mix bowl to one side and grab another bowl. In this bowl, we will mix the wet ingredients. First, take a large egg and add only the white of the egg into the bowl. Now add around 10/15ml of your liquid flavour concentrate (Mainline Indian Spice) to the bowl. Add any additional flavours or colourings at this point but make sure you don’t go too mad with the flavours. Now mix your egg white and flavours, make sure you take your time with this.

Now it’s time to add your dry mix to the wet mix bowl. Start off by adding a little bit and mix well every time and gradually introduce more. Once it’s at a playdoh type texture it’s at a good point to start rolling. Before you start rolling grab a saucepan and boil some water, ready for your wafters to be added.

If your boilie mix is too dry a top tip is to add little oil to the mix, my preference would be sesame or hemp oil.

You can roll your wafters by hand, make sure you take your time with this. If you don’t fancy rolling them by hand and want ‘perfect’ baits every time you will need get a rolling table preferably a Gardner 12mm or 14mm rolling table.

Once you’re happy with your rolled baits, add small batches of the hookbaits to the boiling water and give them around 1-2 minutes in the water. Once boiled take them out of the saucepan and put them on a dry towel for around 24/48 hours. If you have a boilie air dry bag, remove the wafters from the drying towel after a few hours and give them 24/48 hours in the air dry bag.

Once fully dried, add your wafter hookbaits to a glug pot. A good tip is to add a little bit of your hookbait flavour to the baits every couple of weeks to increase their flavour and scent.


Thanks for reading our guide to making wafter hookbaits the easy way.

If you have any comments on anything in this guide then let us know in the comments below.

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