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The power of a “ready to fish” bucket

This week we take a look at the power of the “ready to fish” bucket. No it’s not a product but a simple guide on how you can organise yourself better whilst on the bank and essentially catching more fish, stress free.

Some anglers may already do this but you still may pick up a few tips along the way.

I first saw this method on a Thinking Tackle episode with Simon Scott where he goes stalking with a single modular bucket. The bottom of the bucket would be filled with various loose baits and the top section would include all the small tackle bits he would need to get him fishing straight away.

My thought was if I do this every time I go fishing I can just turn up and get fishing straight away and over the years I’ve added and removed items I saw as essential.

I started using the ‘ready to fish’ a few years ago and it prevents going through every tackle bag to find the items you need, wasting less time on the bank you could otherwise be using to find the fish and casting accurately especially if you fish short sessions.

You will need a small bucket or plastic bait tub or even the RidgeMonkey Modular Bucket to start with.

The essentials would be fully set up rigs, a few setup PVA bags or set up stringers. Make sure you have at least one spare rig in your tub too just in case you need to recast quickly.

Essential tools such as scissors, a baiting tool and long latch needle are a great addition to the ‘ready to go’ bucket.

A few different sized leads can be super handy to have in your ready to go tub. You can attach one to your line and have a lead around to find features or underwater snags before casting a rig out.

One small tip is to find a small drawstring bag or small container to keep your ready to go leads in. This prevents possibly damaging your rigs and keeps them all together in the tub.

If you turn up and spot fish straight away this method will catch you an extra fish and it definitely has for me.

This method can also be very effective if you’re trying to figure out a water and want to essentially fish from your barrow and move around the lake trying to find the fish. Just make sure your ‘ready to fish’ tub is easily reachable from your barrow or tackle bag.

Having a ‘ready to fish’ bucket can prevent you from wasting precious time on the bank so you can concentrate on finding the fish, casting and bait accurately.


Keep things simple and easy to manage and catch more fish.

I hope you enjoyed this simple guide on creating a ‘ready to fish’ bucket. If you have any questions and any ideas on this subject let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear them.

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