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Best time to fish for carp? – Carpy Questions

What’s the best time to fish for carp? A question that pops up everywhere from carp fishing forums to various social media platforms.

In this instalment of carpy questions we will answer the question “Best time to fish for carp?” in most informative way possible.

Best time of the day to fish for carp?

Depending on the time of year and venue your fishing the time of day to fish can vary.  The best bet is talk to the local anglers and fish the venue a few times to figure out the best times to catch carp.

A popular time of the day is early morning when the sun is rising. Sun rise is a great time to spot signs of fish such as flat spots, crashing, bubbling, bow waves and other disturbances from the carp being active.

Another popular time is sunset as carp seem to be more active, seeking out food. In warm weather condition, late evening hours can be a great time for fishing on the surface and in upper layers.

Try to avoid baiting up heavily when the fish are most active as this on some venues can disturb the fish, so midday is best time for baiting up spots on most waters.

Best time of the year to fish for carp?

This can be very subjective but from experience spring and Autumn are the successful times of the years. Spring and Autumn are often when fish feed heavily and most active.


I hope you enjoyed weeks carp questions. If you have any questions and any ideas on this subject let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear them.

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