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Spomb Comparison Shootout – Fox, Dot and the original Spomb

This week we are going to compare three of the most popular spombs in carp fishing to find out which one is the best spomb on the market today. 

We put the original Spomb, Fox Spomb and the Nash Dot Spod head to head.

I’ve been using all three of these spombs for a few months now, writing down notes on how they perform and compare against each other.

We will look at their build quality, how easy it is to load with bait, how well they cast and retrieve and if there are any known issues with these three baiting tools.

Let’s get started…

Fox spomb

The build quality is very solid and includes a large fin tail for better aerodynamics.

You can easily load bait into it by hand or with a bait spoon.

Fox Spomb

The downside to this spomb is it’s a little heavier than the original Spomb but it can hold a little more bait. Retrieval is not very smooth and seems to scatter from side to side and can be a little loud when hitting the water surface. 

Original Spomb 

The original Spomb is still very popular with anglers across the country and has inspired countless variations of this original baiting tool.

original Spomb

The build quality is not as good as the Fox version but still works just as well for baiting up your chosen spot.

Similar to the Fox version, from time to time the bait can get stuck in the mechanism when loading into it. Retrieval seems to be easier than the Fox spomb and even better if you include a spomb float to the end of the tail.

Dot Spod 

The Dot Spod has been extensively used in Europe and now distributed in the UK by Nash Tackle. The plastic does feel a little cheap but the mechanism and build quality are superb. 

Dot Spod

It’s the most aerodynamic of all of these spombs and has the best retrieval, coming back straight instead of scattering from side to side.

You can directly use the Dot Spod to load it with no problems and doesn’t seem to have any opening issue like you sometimes get with the Fox and original Spomb.


Spomb Comparison Shootout - Fox, Dot and the original Spomb

Choosing any of these spombs will do a great job of helping you bait up your chosen spot but the stand out spomb in this comparison has to be the Dot Spod

The Dot Spod is simple to load up bait into, casts out easily, opens up every time and retrieval comes back straight without any swaying from side to side. 

The only downside to the Dot Spod is it can be a little tricky to find in tackle shops from experience. Our advice is to buy one online from Amazon or eBay.

I hope you enjoyed this spomb comparison shootout.

If you have any questions and any ideas on this subject let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear them.

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