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Casual Carper Stick Mix and Boilie Range Review

Casual Carper Bait Range

This week we take a closer look at the brand new stick mix and boilie range by Casual Carper.

A relatively new bait range to hit the market, the Casual Carper baits are made by anglers for anglers, which have been extensively tested on short and long carp fishing sessions.

I would like to thank Casual Carper for sending us the bait to try out and review. This review is not paid for and all the opinions on this range are my own like every review on this blog.

I’ve been using these baits in my own fishing for around five months now so I can give you the most honest and informative review possible.

In this review, we will be looking at a range of baits by Casual Carper including the stick mixes, boilies, liquids and wafters.

Let’s get started…

Casual Carper boilies over the Sweet Cream stick mix

Casual Carper Stick Mix

There are two different flavours in the stickmix range, Sweet Cream and Fish Meal. Both have a very strong smell and come in biodegradable bags. 

The Casual Carper stick mixes work well not just as a stick mix but in other applications such as solid bags, clouding up spod mixes and coating boilies. 

Both are made up of mostly fine ingredients, with a few course ingredients added into it.

It would be fair to say PVA sticks have fallen out of trend the last few years with anglers so using one can give you an edge on the water you’re fishing, especially on day tickets and club lakes.

Small PVA sticks are particularly good in autumn/winter when you’ll find more debris on the bottom, making it easier to present a bait with the added attraction that the carp will hone in on.

Salted Caramel Boilies

Salted Caramel Boilies

These boilies have a very nutty base mix with sweet and salty ingredients added in there, a perfect all year round bait.

Before testing these boilies I was using a lot of freezer baits and I have to say I was really impressed by how soft these baits are for a shelf life bait, making them more digestible to the carp. Easy to chop boilie halves with the Korda cutter and hard enough for a boilie throwing stick. 

They have a strong pungent cream smell just like the stick mix.

Salted Caramel Wafters

A perfect match for the Salted Caramel boilies with a slightly lighter complexion, making the hookbait stand out very subtly. And just like the boilies, a very strong pungent flavour, giving you a perfectly balanced hookbait option. 

Over the last few sessions, I’ve had a lot more takes on balanced hookbaits so if you haven’t tried them, give it a go!

Wafter Rig

Salted Caramel Liquid

A super sweet liquid that perfectly matches the boilies in the range. Great for coating boilies, using in bag mixes and spod mixes. Especially effective on silty water, allowing the flavours and bait scent to stay in the water and lake bed for longer.

I’ve used glugs in the past with next to no flavour and scent but these glugs by Casual Carper have a strong pungent flavour that’s prevalent throughout the whole range, super impressed.

A few ways I’ve used the Casual Carper range to success on recent sessions;

28lb 10oz mirror carp
28lb 10oz Mirror caught over my longer session spod mix with a boilie + corn rig.

My Simple Stick Mix

Made up of boilie crumb, crushed mixed pellets, caramel stick mix and caramel liquid. A high attract, high leakage stick mix. Perfect match with a wafter or boilie plastic corn hookbait.

Boilie and plastic corn rig

Spod Mixes

During my last couple of sessions, I’ve used two different spod mixes one for a longer session and one for a shorter zig rig type session.

The longer session spod mix is made up of mixed pellets, crushed and halved boilies, caramel liquid, sweetcorn and the stick mix. When I get to the lake I add a few spoonfuls on lake water which give it a nice wet but solid spod mix.

The shorter zig rig spod mix is made up of hemp, sweetcorn, boilie crumb, caramel liquid and a few handfuls of the caramel stick mix and a lot more lake water to this mix so it looks more like a soup. This can be very effective when using zig rigs.

coated boilies

Coating Boilies

A simple but effective way to add even more attraction to your loose feed. Simply put a couple of handfuls of boilies in a bucket, boil some water and add the water until the boilies are submerged then add a good helping of the caramel liquid. 

Wait until the boilies have soaked up most of the liquid then add the stick mix to coat them. If you’re not fishing in the next couple of days, put them in a zip lock bag and freeze them, ready for your next session.


Casual Carper boilies in a biodegradable bag

I hope you like our review/preview of the stick mix and boilie range from Casual Carper. If you are interested in trying out their range, they are available on the Casual Carper website

If you have any questions on the bait range in this review, feel free to share it in the comments below.

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