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Thinking Anglers Compact Tackle Pouch Review

thinking anglers compact tackle pouch

This week we take a closer look at the brand new Compact Tackle Pouch by Thinking Anglers.

A relatively simple product, what makes this tackle pouch any different to what’s on the market already you’re asking?

I think it’s small compact size is something unique and if you want to scale down your tackle and just bring the bare essentials to make rigs on the bank, this is perfect for you.

The Tackle Pouch is well built to a high-quality like all Thinking Anglers products, including durable zips like those you would normally find on a quality rucksack.

Comes in either 600d Olive green and Camfleck. Fantastic materials throughout with a rubberised waterproof base which is a nice touch.

The features

The Tackle Pouch includes a removable/adjustable divider inside the main compartment, great for dividing your hook packets and hooklink materials for example.

On the inner side of the main compartment lid, you will find elasticated loops for holding items such as rig tools and needles etc. Below this section is a meshed pocket, great for storing items like rig puller tools, lighter, corks and a bait drill.

Thinking Anglers Tackle Pouch in Camflec.

The pouch has 3 outer pockets, 2 small side pockets and a longer front pocket ideal for keeping items like a hook vice, hook pens. 

I would say the two side pockets are very small. Ideal for leads or small storage containers, I found the Korda Compact Accessory Box’s fit well (50mm x 50mm x 20mm) which I store plastic baits, swivels, anti-tangle sleeves etc.

On the Thinking Anglers website, they boast that it fits perfectly inside their Tackle Rucksack, great for keeping in mind if you have or thinking on buying one of their popular Rucksacks.

The Verdict

If you’re like me and you have a campaign lake, use 3 different rigs and you make most of them before your session and just want to store some backup rig components if you need to make some fresh rigs on the bank then this tackle pouch is perfect for you. If you fish a lot of different waters and use/make a load of different rigs then this tackle pouch may be a little too small for you.

You can pick one up for around £20 which is fantastic value for money. You can find these now in most local tackle shops or online from eBay here, clicking that link will help support our blog and cost you no extra money.

Thinking Anglers if you’re reading this review, make a bigger version for those anglers that like to bring to a lot more rig making bits and pieces with them on the bank. I’m very impressed with the quality and I am considering buying more Thinking Anglers luggage items in the future.

Thanks for reading our reading of the Thinking Anglers Compact Tackle Pouch. If you have any questions on this review, feel free to share it in the comments below.

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