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Best Affordable Bait Boat? The Actor Plus Bait Boat Review

As a seasoned angler, I was initially skeptical of the need for a bait boat in my own carp fishing. However, after using the Actor Plus Bait Boat for the past six months, I can confidently say that it has proven to be a valuable addition to my fishing gear and has possibly made my fishing sessions more successful, including 2 new personal best carp captures.

One of the standout features of the Actor Plus Bait Boat is its build quality. The solid plastic construction is both durable and well-sealed. There’s a dedicated Facebook group for Actor bait boat users which is a testament to the baitboat’s popularity, and the active and helpful community can provide some handy tips for beginner and novice bait boat users.

The Actor Plus Bait Boat is also highly versatile, with the capability to carry up to 3kg of bait (although I have yet to test this limit). 

The boat also has two hopper doors that can be opened individually or together, and a plastic removable divider that allows you to drop bait before or after your rig gets dropped. Additionally, the bait boat has a hook release system at the back of the boat, although I personally prefer to place my rig within the hopper.

The boat’s autopilot function, which can be activated by holding the controller forward, making it easy to drop your rig in those hard-to-reach spots, such as under trees or other snags. The included handle makes it easy to carry the bait boat to and from the water, and the lightweight design is an added bonus.

One drawback of the Actor Plus Bait Boat is the lack of weed guards, which can prevent surface weed from getting tangled up in the propellers. While these can be purchased from either third-party sellers or the Actor website, it would have been a nice touch if they were included with the boat. On the positive side, the boat comes with a battery that has proven to last for multiple 48-72 hour fishing trips without any issues (charged and turned off between sessions).

While it is becoming increasingly common for lakes to ban bait boats, the Actor Plus Bait Boat still offers a range of up to 400-500 meters, making it one of the more impressive models on the market.

The bait boat remote is simple to use, and the compact size makes it possible to hold the remote in one hand and your fishing rod in the other. The remote also includes a lanyard which is handy to keep remote hands free while you’re loading the boat.

The bait boat comes with LED lights that indicate when it is turning left or right, which is a helpful feature for night fishing.

One potential issue to consider is the front night light feature, which may not be bright enough to see the bait boat at longer distances. As a responsible angler, it’s important to consider other anglers on the lake and to not add additional lights that may be disruptive but I have seen anglers on the Facebook group have some modification suggestions if needed. 

My bait boat did have the tendency to drift slightly to the right, but there was a solution online to recalibrate the drift but it’s something to be aware of.

The Actor Baitboat does not come with a protective case as standard, but there are several options available for purchase. Some people have recommended using a 40l surplus rucksack (not tried this myself and might be too small for the ‘Plus’ model), while others have opted for a US duffel bag like myself, which is a cheaper alternative and is great for transporting your boat to and from the lake on your back. However, these options may not provide enough protection for the bait boat in certain situations. Alternatively, the Actor website offers a few bait bait protection options although it can be expensive.

Finally, the Actor Plus Baitboat is designed to be easy to clean and repair. The seals are screwed in, rather than glued, which makes repairs simple, and the included microcloth makes cleaning a breeze.

In conclusion, the Actor Plus Baitboat has proven to be an indispensable tool for me as an angler. From its solid construction to its versatile features and helpful community, this baitboat is a must-have for any carp angler interested in including a bait boat into their own fishing.

Other great alternatives to the Actor Plus Bait Boat would be the Ridgemonkey Hunter or the ND Bait Boat 2.

Thanks for reading our review of the Actor Plus Bait Boat. If you have any questions on this review, feel free to share it in the comments below. If you’re already an Actor Bait Boat user and have any tips, I would love to hear them in the comments.

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