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Best Baiting Pole? The Corus Baiting Pole Review

This week we take a closer look at the Baiting Pole by Corus.

I decided to try out the Corus Bait Pole because I was fishing a small, intimate lake.

I needed a way to quietly position my rig under overhanging trees while avoiding detection from both the fish and other anglers on the lake.

The features

The bait spoon has enough capacity for a couple of handfuls of bait, just enough for a bite and features a ridge to hold a night light (one provided for testing). It floats well on its own. The float needed a minor adjustment due to a tight hole for the pole end, but it was an easy fix.

The pole is a bit heavier than expected but still manageable for stalking/margin sessions. It doesn’t have individually numbered pole sections as shown in the promo video, but it’s well-made and should last a long time with proper care. Comes with a thin sleeve for storing the pole, which prevents scratches but doesn’t offer much extra protection.

The pole is great for getting rigs under overhanging trees, snags, margins, close island margins, and near lily pads. And is surprisingly stable when shipping out at the full distance.

A massive bonus to using the bait pole is it creates less disturbance than casting or using a bait boat, so if there’s fish in the area it’s less likely to spook them when placing a rig out.

The package includes the 12mm pole itself, a bait spoon float, bait spoon, and a handy pole sleeved case.

The Details

  • Available in 12m and 18m variants to suit different angling situations.
  • Great for using any with loose feed like pellets and also liquids
  • Pole extensions are available separately and have been tested at 30m according to a video posted on the Corus YouTube channel
  • The pole is made from a lightweight carbon fiber


Great baiting tool for the price. I definitely recommend this Corus Bait Pole if you are fishing intimate lakes with lots of overhanging trees and lily pads. I don’t really recommend it for fishing bigger lakes unless you want to fish the margins and close in snags.

If you want to find it online I recommend Amazon for fast delivery, clicking the link will also help support my blog without costing you any extra. If not I would see if your local tackle shop has it in stock.

Thanks for reading our review of the Corus Baiting Pole. If you have any questions on this review, feel free to share it in the comments below.

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