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About the Blog

The blog is run and written by keen angler Mike Samways.

Mike has been angling for over 17 years and has been writing about angling related topics for around 10 years.

The blog started in reaction to reading lots of biased payed-for tackle reviews in various angling publications.

The blog started off very small and has grown so much is over 8 years and we would like to thank our subscribers and general readers of the blog for that.

Over the years we have noticed a lot more independent reviewers like ourselves on various platforms which we are very pleased about, giving us more helpful reviews by anglers for anglers.

Do we make any money from a review?

We do not charge companies to review products we either purchase it ourselves or ask for review samples as we want to keep our reviews unbiased and truthful to our angling community.

Do you give bad reviews?

We try to avoid giving bad tackle reviews and if we feel the product is not good enough for our readers we will simply not write about it and give feedback to the manufacturer instead.

How can the blog afford to run?

We can afford to run the site by running Google Ads on the website and we also get a kickback from any Amazon purchases made through the site.

All the money made from the site is used to purchase tackle items to review and any website hosting fees.

Can you review my product?

Sure no problem, simply fill in this form and we will get back to you asap